About Ink-N-Flow Management Group

How We Began


Ink-N-Flow was founded out of a need for creative types and small businesses needing program management, marketing advice and social media management at an affordable price. 

We understand that while your business may not be large enough to have it's own marketing department, your dreams are. 

Ink-N-Flow provides that need.

And an affordable price. 

Often for less than the cost of a full-time employee. 

We call that: #InkNFlowGrow

Contact us and find how we can cater our services to your needs and more importantly, your budget. 

Why Ink-N-Flow?


Vetted and respected resources are at your fingertips when you engage the services of Ink-N-Flow. We have experienced executive project managers with decades of experience.

Graphic artist with an eye for the market. 

Content writers that are also creative writers and can turn even the driest copy to read-worthy words. 

Talent Management, Social Media Management.
Even Sales channels supervision. 

We are passionate to fine tune, create around your business needs and listen to the dreams you have for growth. 

We are YOUR marketing department. 

Our Team

Tams M. Ward - Founder


Our founder spent more than a decade working as a Senior Program Manager at a Fortune 200 company while having a "secret" identity as a bestselling author. In 2018, she decided to combine her skill set with her passion and Ink-N-Flow was born. She primarily manages our business and government agency clients. 

And still finds times to write books her readers love.

Lori Greis - COO


Lori has a diverse background in administrative assistance, event planning and community organizer. Being a part of Ink-N-Flow from day one, Lori has a laser-tune focus that makes her able to keep the more creative flows here in line and where they need to be. 

A lover of books, life and organization, she's also the energy to keep everything spinning as it should. 

Janie Vinson - Creative Manager


Janie joined the Ink-N-Flow team after being an author client. 

Having a background of office management, working for non-profits and is both flexible and creative depending on our needs.  We were thrilled when she wanted to be an integral part of Ink-N-Flow. 

Janie also have a secret identity as a author therefore she is key as she takes charge of our author clients.